Differences & Practical Applications Between Mini Excavator & Skid Steer Equipment For Construction Firms

Towards the comparison of these two machines with the objective of identifying which is better, the skid steer or excavator for hire, it is first imperative to have more information because which is better is relative. If the task at hand only involves clearing and moving materials about then the project manager would inevitably be faced with a tough decision towards choosing between an excavator and a mini excavator. 

In such scenarios, it is recommended that the price of the machine on hire be the determinant. This is simply because both the mini excavator and the skid steer could do such jobs with equal effectiveness. The point here is that any type of project the objective would be to minimize cost and maximize profit. Purchasing such equipment on the other hand depends on how many projects have been secured and the duration of use. 

If the frequency of use is below 90 hours for the entire financial period, it is advisable to take skid steers or mini excavators for hire in Melbourne. The long-term ownership costs of such machines have been taken into consideration with the below 90 hours estimation. The fact that both mini excavators and skid steers seem to always be a problem within the scope of selection as both machines are equally good, they do have their own factors related to pros and cons which are dependent on a variety of factors.

First and foremost, it is important to determine the purpose that they are most needed for, for instance is the focus of projects on commercial projects or residential projects? Is the project owner a contractor or a home owner? There is also the possibility that both machines may be needed for the project. Therefore, if you are a home owner or a small contractor who will be using these machines sparingly, do not buy them. 

In the event that you need a mini excavator for the first day and a skid steer the next, just rent them on an as and needed basis. Key factors that are required to be taken into consideration are facts such as budget and the purpose and the factual elements such as residential work require smaller and cost-effective equipment. The versatility of the machine in projects environments that are congested is also a factor that is needed to be examined apart from cost of hiring these machines. 

Commercial projects may be unsuitable for both machines as they involve large spacious sites where a standard excavator would serve the project needs much better. Skid steers ‘skid about’ as the wheels are straight and the machine is required to skid to turn. This may render the skid steer unsuitable for landscaped surfaces or soft surfaces as the ‘skidding’ could damage the grounds. 

A mini excavator with rubber tracks would be more suited for landscaping projects. However, if the project is on concrete and other smooth surfaces and the work involves working close to walls, then the skid steer would be more practical. 

Both machines are referred to as the “Swiss Army Knives” of the construction industry in general due to the host of attachments that both machines are able to accommodate (augers, jack hammers, compactors, cutters, grapplers etc.). Hence, based on the fact that project environments and surfaces are the primary factors to consider when it comes to deciding on which to hire, the decision-making element should be made based on cost. 

On the end note, a skid steer is also much faster in terms of mobility compared to a mini excavator on rubber tracks, but the mini excavator on rubber tracks on the other hand is capable of retracting the tracks allowing it to move through narrow corridors, roll a dice if all these considerations do not help in making a decision.