The Creativity Difference Between Art and Design

The dissimilarities between art and design can’t be really defined as there is a marginal difference relating to these two creative terms. Thus, many people are confused about defining the two words. According to an artist’s view, art is a form of design that is more creative, innovative and appealing to the eyes. However, a designer views design as the basic step in creating art.

Worldwide popular oil painting artists like Lana Zueva believe that every person is an artist in their way. They always create something new that promotes meaning in their life. Lana Zueva painting collection shows the natural scenario in a pleasing form. Some of her artworks can’t be differentiated from real. Her inspirational journey as a full-time oil painting artist has inspired many budding painters to strive ahead.


  • In simple terms, designs can be defined as a creation of anything that may be innovative or a copy of other creative ideas. Professional designers create new things in their chosen arena and their designs form the primary steps to originate new objects that are liked or disapproved by consumers.
  • Designs are ideas that are imagined and created. It forms a basic plan for making something new. It can be a plan that aids in creating a new thing, system or even in performing an activity.
  • Every design isn’t an art, but some are surely called artistic designs when they are more appealing to visualise.


  • Art is derived from the Latin word ‘ars’ which means skill and craft. It is a form of visual thought that is imagined, created to reveal the emotions of the artist. A person viewing the art form finds themselves attracted to it. Every art form may not look attractive to the eyes but it is an improved form of artistic design. It is a human creative skill that is visualised in many ways.
  • It can be called a decorative design however all art forms aren’t nice uniformly for everyone. These visual images portray many kinds of ideas, interpret novel imaginations and even illuminate social messages. No doubt, art is a language of its maker through which many thoughts can be conveyed with ease.

People mistake art and design to be similar because both are part of a creative platform and most probably made using the same kind of tools Designs are drawn to fulfil a purpose whereas art is drawn and crafted to satisfy the artist’s desire to express themselves.

A designer doesn’t need to be skilful to convey their ideas through their designs however an artist is successful only when he/she is an expert in their chosen art field. Designs are mostly made for satisfying others. A designer will plan an idea that will be beneficial for their clients or masses whereas an artist mostly works for themselves may be to fulfil their desires or for economical gain.

Designs are always progressive to create something new whereas many variants of art forms last forever. Both forms of creation initiate the talent of their creator, but differ in ideas, skills and the final product obtained.