You’ll love the energy savings and long-term sustainability of evaporative cooling. It is important to learn how to get the most out your evaporative chiller. Learn some swamp cooler tricks and tips to maximize its efficiency. Here’s the scoop.

1. In Dry Climates, Use Your Swamp Cooler

People make the biggest error with their evaporative cooling system by using it on humid days. This will never work. The purpose of an Evaporative Cooler is to lower the temperature. This is done by allowing fresh water to evaporate to dry air. As water evaporates, it lowers the temperature.

2. Seasonally Use Your Swamp Cooler

If you live in an area that is not deserted but still wish to experience evaporative cooling, you can opt for a portable Evaporative Cooler rather than a complete house model. These appliances are small enough to be easily moved from one room or another. They can also be stored in a place where it won’t get too sticky.

3. Open The Windows

You will have to relearn some of the basics about traditional air conditioning by running an evaporative chiller. Although an air conditioner can be more efficient in an enclosed and insulated environment than a swamp cooler, they work best when there is a constant flow of fresh indoor air.

4. Run A Dehumidifier

You can add a humidity monitor to your cooling toolbox if it gets too hot to open your windows. A dehumidifier takes excess moisture from the air and places it in an enclosed water tank until it is ready for you to drain it. A dehumidifier, by itself, can help make your house more comfortable in the summer.

5. Plant A Green Thumb

Another way to reduce humidity is to plant houseplants. These plants will soak up as much moisture and water as they can. Many plants have evolved to get most or all of their water through the air. They can help make your house drier and your swamp cool.

6. Try Positioning

These coolers can be carried in smaller containers and are not meant to cool your entire home. To maximize efficiency, be sure to check the area where the unit is recommended. The swamp cooler could be placed so that the cool air blows directly to your living area or dining table.

7. Prime The Pads Now

The evaporative cooler pads take some time to absorb water from the cooler when it is first turned on. While they will absorb more water once they get wet, it may take them up to 15 minutes to fully soak in the water. Allow the pads to dry in the water reservoir before turning on the fan. This ensures that your machine doesn’t heat up and wastes energy before it has fully cooled down.

8. Use Cold Water

You might think hot water would evaporate quicker because it’s nearer to the boiling temperature (at which water dissipates in the air faster), but cool to room-temperature water actually works better. A physics study revealed that 50-degree water works the best in an electronic cooler.

9. Skip The Ice

However, cold water does not have much effect. While 50 degrees was the optimal temperature, adding water to lower the temperature of the water doesn’t make much difference. This is because ice needs to melt before it can evaporate. This takes a while, so you won’t be increasing the efficiency or cooling of the system.

10. Maintain Your Cooler

Like all appliances, a swamp cooler runs at its best when it is well maintained and regularly cleaned. It is important to check and clean your swamp cooler before the start of the summer, and before the winter. It’s also a good idea to conduct a midseason inspection.

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