Be Aware of Importance of any URL Shortener Particularly in Social Media Marketing

As we all know, social media marketing today is all about connecting with, interacting with, and attracting a sizable clientele to your product or service. Your brand’s variety of a thriving consumer source ends in the ways you communicate or market it. Typically, it is difficult to distinguish between those that receive more hits and those that require attention.

Great content is only half the fight won when trying to increase traffic to your post. No matter how much work you put into making the material shareable and user-friendly, the most important thing is to achieve the correct quantity of visits and clicks.

All of your well-intentioned efforts and top-notch content are for naught if the intended audience does not click on your post. Everything should be flawless and optimised, including the headline, featured image, and URL.

In the past, marketers gave URL functionality little thought. The audience did not like the URL because it was so long and distracting. It took up a lot of room, especially in emails, and the text wrapping broke the connection.

The number of URL clicks was impossible to track. Longer URLs are annoying and ugly, especially when used for social media marketing.

Why use a certain URL shortener?

  • Can track the clicks number along with their location and time

Link monitoring and statistics are provided by link shortener software so that you may keep track of your link clicks, their origin, and their creation dates. This allows you to discover, which posts are more well-read and have a larger audience.

  • Can help to make the post look better

Many people don’t even open the link since long URLs are boring and unappealing. The use of customised short URLs increases the likelihood that the target article will be clicked and that it will deliver approval.

There are many social media marketing tools available that can create long, boring URLs for you automatically.

Using Bitly’s link-shortening service, a Twitter user shared a GIF guide blog and modified the link’s name to “gif guide” to make it simpler to read and remember.

Your links are more likely to receive a lot of traffic if they are appealing and user-friendly.

  • Helps in recognizing a brand

Because both new and returning consumers can quickly share and recognise links that contain their brand name, using the name of one’s product or service to create customised URLs can increase brand visibility.

  • Drives maximum traffic towards your site

When marketing your product, you should generally adhere to the 4:1 ratio. This means that when promoting and spreading awareness of your brand, 1 piece should be devoted to your brand while 4 pieces should be devoted to general facts about your sector.

Thanks to URL shortener, you can cross-promote your goods, blog posts, or services with any of the links you share. Two URL shortening services, and, let you attract as many visitors as you can to your website.

Your unique badge or call-to-action tag can be added to any of the websites with shorter, personalised links. Link shortening services help you drive people back to your website by including cross-promotional elements, badge additions, and information on click pattern and distribution channels.


Link or URL shortener is a great marketing tool. Basically, this is another great way to promote your website and win more customers, as well as receive a detailed analytics report for every visitor