Skills Every Candle Maker Should Master

It is one thing to master the art of candle-making, but it is quite another to build a business that is based on high-quality products.

To truly advance your candle-making business and craft, you need to have a certain set of skills.

1. The Basics Of Candle Making

It’s obvious: candle making is a skill that requires knowledge.

It’s not just about the science of combustion. But also the relationship between wax, wick, and container (if one), fragrance oil, flame, and flame. Yes, the whole room.

Understanding the basics and practicing them is key to success in any area of life. Imagine if professional soccer players couldn’t dribble.

2. Candle Design Testing & Development

Consider all the components that go into a candle.

  • Fragrance oil
  • Wick selection
  • Container, mold, wax melting (the “type”) of candle
  • Colors
  • Wax selection

There are many ways to combine them!

There are many other ways to make a candle. What does all this mean?

Many people want to know the recipe for making a candle, but without testing anything. This is not only difficult, but it also removes you from any responsibility for the process.

It is essential to test your candle before it can be used safely. What would it feel like to burn a candle and no one check if it would explode? It’s not good.

3. Temperature Control

You can eliminate the early bonds of poor candles by being able to determine which temperatures produce the most beautiful and fragrant candles.

We’ve all been there. You try your best to make a beautiful candle, but it turns out like cottage cheese.

This is often a function of temperature.

The process of making candles is essentially changing solid wax into a liquid, adding fragrance and color, and then cooling it to form a candle. It takes quite a bit of heat to convert a wax solid into a liquid.

4. Trends To Watch

Candles are “in” since the ’80s. However, the nuances of candle-making change with seasons.

For example, phthalate-free fragrance oils were a popular trend in the macro.

You can see what is available at major candle manufacturing suppliers by looking at the products they carry. Trends won’t matter much to some candle makers. It all depends on your story, but some significant customers expect certain scents to be available around certain times of the year.

5. Planning For The Long-Term And Short-Term

You will need to have a structured approach if you are selling candles.

For instance, candles need customers. From where will you find new customers? Are you looking for new customers?

Candles also need to be allowed to dry. While some waxes take longer than others, planning a product line requires several cycles of testing to ensure that the candles are safe.

A plan is like a serious business. Even when motivation is low, plans show up every single day. A plan will help you travel mentally to the future and make decisions about how you want it to look.