Roof screens and enclosures are an ideal way to shield sensitive rooftop equipment from the outdoors, such as HVAC units and RTUs. They also keep the public’s eye away from the often ugly equipment. This improves the appearance of your company’s premises as well as your overall brand.

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the best screens and enclosures for your rooftop equipment. Of course, the cost is a major consideration, and it will be influenced by a variety of other considerations. During the roof screen choosing procedure, it’s critical to consider all of these factors.

Here are some key considerations we want our consumers to keep in mind:

1. Code observance

The criteria of local building codes must be met via rooftop screens. These codes are largely comparable across the country, but it’s crucial to double-check your municipality’s specific regulations. Rooftop enclosures are subject to specific standards that address issues such as screen height, building appearance, antenna considerations, and more. All applicable codes must be followed.

2. Permissions for roof penetration

Many companies across the country provide roof screens that require holes to be drilled into the roof before they can be fitted. Later on, this could result in leaks and isolated structural damage. The distinction between screens that require rooftop penetration and those that do not is a significant factor to consider. Our screens at Con-form Group do not require any roof penetration because they are attached directly to the unit. Most major HVAC manufacturers have certified for use, ensuring that the equipment warranty is maintained.

3. The effect on RTUs and other rooftop gear

It’s critical to evaluate the influence of screens on a range of rooftop equipment, including RTUs, HVAC units, ventilation fans, and more before having screens placed. The screened parts must be of adequate size to protect while also allowing enough space for all equipment to function properly and be conveniently accessed. All of the installations we complete take into account the contained equipment and ensure that it continues to function properly.

4. Maintenance and cleaning

Roof screens of good quality should require little to no maintenance. The materials and finishes will be durable and provide good weather protection. Our Con-form Group Rooftop screening systemsoffer finishes that are similar to those found in automobiles. Because of the durability of the materials and fixtures we employ, very few repairs will be required over the product’s lifetime.

5. Aerial perspective

When people on the ground look up, what do they see? Screens are an important aesthetic solution for concealing unsightly rooftop equipment. They must be attractive and compliment the appearance of your business, whether viewed from the ground, nearby buildings, or the horizon. There are a variety of screen materials, colors, textures, and styles to pick from to aid you in this endeavor.

6. Possibility of branding

Rooftop screening systems may appear to be an unlikely area to be concerned about branding, yet they can give the ideal surfaces for showcasing your brand. The screens may be seen from the ground, as well as from surrounding buildings and afar. You may include your company logo and color scheme right onto the screen surfaces you order with our assortment of panels.

7. Wind gusts

Screens must withstand a variety of weather conditions. When installing roof screens, it’s crucial to keep in mind where you live and what kind of environment you have. In many places, especially where hurricanes are common, wind speed is a major role.

Taking into account all of these aspects before deciding on and installing rooftop screens can save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run. We can walk you through the choosing process and answer any concerns you have about technical and legal requirements at Con-form Group.

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