Top 10 Lush Products


There are few things in life that get me super-ridiculously-out-of-this-world-excited. Like finding great bargains at op shops. And pickles. And, of course, Lush – a skin and hair care company, originally from the UK, that uses herbs, spices, essential oils, fruits, nuts, and natural butters to make their amazing products. I just can’t get enough of this company – I love their starting story, their simplicity and transparency, their animal-cruelty-free stance, the recycled and recyclable packaging, the cute product description and instructions. And, of course, the fact that everything smells freakin’ amazing!

I do remember feeling a tad overwhelmed when I first walked into a Lush store (what a glorious day that was). There are a LOT of different products and you want to smell and try everything, which I wholeheartedly encourage. But to make things a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of my top ten products from Lush. These babies are my absolute favourites, my must-haves, my repeat-buys:

Rub, Rub, Rub

Holy moly. This is the very first Lush product I fell head over heels with. It’s by far the best body scrub I have used and you can even use it in your hair as a super refreshing cleanse! It’s gritty but not too gritty and smells quite lemony and light. I’ve found it makes my skin (and hair!) feel gorgeously soft without being too harsh.

Jungle Conditioner

I must admit I found it a bit odd using a solid bar conditioner at first but I soon got over it because this leaves my hair feeling so soft and smelling SO GOOD. It has a coconut base, which I’m usually not a fan of, but combined with banana and avocado, this conditioner always manages to remind me of the beach at summer time.

Grease Lightning

I’ve always been pretty lucky and had relatively clear skin but whenever I did get a spot I struggled to find a product that consistently worked to clear my skin up. Until now! I picked up Grease Lightning on a bit of a whim one day and have never looked back. I use this stuff on pimples and also on my legs after I shave. My legs seems to hate being shaved with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns and absolutely cannot stand to have anything put on them for at least 24 hours after I’ve stripped them of their beloved hairs – except for this! It helps to clear up any angry redness and prevents ingrown hairs really well. Oh, but it’s best to use it overnight as the product tends to go flaky when it dries – not the best look on one’s face.

Angels On Bare Skin

This stuff is what I use when my skin just feels “blah” – you know, when it just feels gross, a bit dirty, a bit oily, a bit dry maybe, and you just want to wipe everything off and start again? This is the cleansing scrub that provides that glorious service. I think I probably tend to scoop too much out each time I use it just because I love it so much but it still lasts me months (and I tend to use it on a weekly basis).


Oh Buffy, where do I begin? Buffy is basically a block of rice, almonds, and beans, with some cocoa and shea butters thrown in there as well. The idea is that, when in the shower, you use this on your derrière to make it super soft and smooth! It is apparently meant to tackle cellulite but I just love it because everything feels so silky smooth – like a baby’s bottom once again! You can use it all over your body though and I have on occasion because it also doubles as a moisturiser with all the butters in it. Can’t go past a 2-in-1 product!

Twilight Bath Bomb

Lush sells a heck of a lot of bath bombs. A LOT. And they ALL smell heavenly. Somehow though, this one has managed to wrangle its way into my number 1 spot. I cannot get enough of this smell. So much so that I may have forcibly made my boyfriend smell it repeatedly to make sure he understood just how delicious it was. I also may or may not keep it in the same drawer as my pyjamas so I go to bed smelling like heaven on earth. Like heaven on earth, I tell ya! I suspect the scent of lavender must have an effect on me similar to that of catnip to a cat. It’s so relaxing every time I use it, not to mention it turns the water a very pretty colour and has stars and moons on it!

Dream Cream

This cream has been a bit of a lifesaver for me. It is the most soothing cream I have ever used. It’s so simple and basic that even people with sensitive skin are supposed to be able to use it. It’s my everyday moisturiser after my shower/bath and I also use it on my face – I get psoriasis around my hairline which can be a tad frustrating to deal with. I’ve tried a number of different creams and ointments but they either don’t work at all or, because of where the problem area is, makes my hair look like I’ve never washed it. I now alternate between Dream Cream and one other (Moo Goo, for anyone interested) and couldn’t be happier. It soothes my skin almost immediately without affecting my hair too much.


I tend not to wear a lot of lip stick or lip glosses – I’m more of a balm kind of girl. This little pot takes the cake by being the stuff I put on anything and everything from cuts and sores to dry spots of skin and my lips. I also lent on this product heavily when I was sick not too long ago. Usually when I have a cold, I blow my nose a heck of a lot – probably in excess – and end up with a really sore, red, dry, and kinda flaky nose. I put some Ultrabalm on before I went to bed and -bam!- didn’t have a problem. My nose never got dry or sore. What else is there to say, really?

Jackie Oates Colour Supplement

I’m a fair-skinned lass and it’s often ridiculously hard to find a foundation or concealer shade that matches my skin tone properly, as I’m sure the other pale girls out there can relate to. I used to swear by Revlon’s ColorStay foundation and concealer but when I switched to animal cruelty free products, it was difficult to find a product that ticked all the boxes. Enter Lush. Now, I didn’t realise that Lush made make up products to begin with but was super excited when I was browsing their website one day and found their range of Colour Supplements. I don’t use foundation very often but when I do, I’ve found that the Jackie Oates Colour Supplement works really well. It’s a creamy liquid-based foundation with soothing ingredients like oat milk and aloe vera. I would say it gives a light-medium level of coverage, which is perfect for me because I hate the feeling and look of having something caked on my face. Sometimes I’ll just mix it up with my moisturiser so it’s essentially just a tinted moisturiser.

Porridge Soap

This is the latest addition to my Top 10. Whilst Lush have a great range of soaps, I find that I just never really use them that often. Or so I thought. The last time I was in my local Lush store, I just happened to pick this baby up and give it a sniff. I was sold! It has a sweet honey-chocolate-y scent but it isn’t too overpowering and is a great alternative to using a body wash every time you shower.

Are you already a fellow Lush fanatic? What are your favourite products? If you’ve never tried anything from them, I highly recommend it! Their prices are incredibly reasonable and the sales assistants are always happy to help you try any products you’re interested in.

Also, while I still have your attention (if I do after such a long post!), Lush has joined forces with 1 Million Women to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef is currently struggling (and has been for a while now) due to the combined effects of climate change, local companies dumping waste, and increased industrialisation of the surrounding area leading to further pollution. There is a petition being held and an open letter will be sent to the World Heritage Committee to list the Reef as “World Heritage in Danger”. If you feel like reading more and maybe signing the petition, you can do so here. You could also head into your local Lush store to show your support – all the proceeds of their Life’s a Beach scrub (which smells like watermelon and bubblegum) are being donated to 1 Million Women to help with the Great Barrier Reef campaign. You can find out more and see what else Lush is doing to help by going here – there may or may not be something to do with crochet!

Jacquie is a 20-something maker and writer from Melbourne. She enjoys eating virtually anything that is labelled salted caramel and, contrary to popular belief, has forgotten how to ride a bike. She feels ambivalent about writing in the third person but thought it might be fun. It was.


  1. Ing Reils

    I too adore Lush. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is one of my fave new discoveries. Also love their Mask of Magnaminty which I use as a facial scrub. Their solid shampoos and conditioners are great and handy for travelling. Thanks for your tips – I am going to try some of them out. I also love their free facemask offer when you take back 5 clean pots. Gorgeous, ethical company indeed !


  2. Pia

    Lush is great, I haven't used their stuff in a while for no particular reason. This is a good reminder to give some of their stuff a go! All of it sounds so yum x


  3. birdandfox

    Oh yes! Ro's is another goodie! Honestly, I probably could have made this my top 20 but it was already long enough 😛 I agree, I took their shampoo and conditioner bars when I went overseas and they were so handy. Much better than trying to fit two bottles in my bag! Yes, their return pot idea is awesome – the way I go through Rub, Rub, Rub means I typically bring in three empty tubs of that each time! Love it! Thanks for your comment, Ing 🙂


  4. birdandfox

    Yes, do it, Pia! Yum is probably the best descriptor for their stuff – it all smells so good that I'm in a constant battle against myself to not eat it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 x


  5. Isabel

    Gosh, I wish they had Lush in China. I never bought it back home – not sure why, I think the smell as you walk by the shop is a little overpowering! But solid shampoo and conditioner would be great for travelling. Speaking of body products smelling too good to eat, I have had 1. A Labrador puppy that we were training for the Seeing Eye Dogs eat an entire tub of my body butter and 2. My little brother hiding under the desk in my room eating my peppermint lip balm from the Body Shop (to be fair, he was only small at the time). Don't give in to the same temptation, Jacquie! x


  6. birdandfox

    Hahaha oh dear, Isabel! Those are some pretty amusing incidents right there! I actually just went to my local Lush store on the weekend and bought their lip scrub that tastes like caramel. AND you can eat this one! 😀 Delicious. Haha. And yes, I would definitely recommend their solid shampoos and conditioners, for travelling purposes especially. Maybe you could take some back if you visit Australia or England (since it's a UK company). Thanks for your comment, Isabel 🙂


  7. Rachel Cox

    I love Lush! We have a tradition of heading into Lush every school holidays. The kids get to choose a bath product (or two, or three, each!) and they revel in choosing when to have long luxurious baths. They tend to favour the bubble bars because when they squash them up in their hands in the water, they are all smooth/sandy/clayish all at once and smell SO GOOD! This holidays, my daughter found the DIRTY shower range and sniffed it all the way home in the car.
    I am a big fan of the Dream Cream too. I don't love their lipstick pots but I am definitely going to get some of the products you have mentioned next time I am in! I love their seasonal products. Isn't Christmas time at LUSH just the best?! Heavenly.


  8. birdandfox

    Oooh yes, Lush's bath products are probably the best I've ever used. The smells! And the colours! So good. Haha yes, the Dirty range is quite good also – I use that shaving cream because my legs are so sensitive. Works pretty well! I haven't tried their lipstick pots myself as I don't really like lipstick at all.

    Glad to spread the Lush love! Hope you enjoy the products you pick up! Thanks for stopping by, Rachel 🙂 x


  9. squiggleandswirl

    This is great Jacqui! I have recently discovered Lush with my teenagers on a visit to Melbourne. Their bathroom smells so lovely now. I was overwhelmed and only bought some lip balm and now I want to go back and buy a few more goodies. I did bring the gorgeous catalogue home too and have been studying it. Lovely lush post 🙂


  10. birdandfox

    Aw, thanks Emily! Yes, I can certainly understand it being overwhelming – there's so many options and so many smells. Sounds like you might be hooked though 😛 I'm glad to be spreading the Lush love x


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