Taking Stock : September 2015

Well, I very much feel like the year is whizzing by, don’t you? Please say it’s not just me. Let’s all hold hands and collectively sob into our calendars. Alternatively, let’s just crack on with this month’s Taking Stock.

TS 0915 NotebookWishing: for more time to plan and write blog posts. I’ve got the ideas, guys, I just need to actually implement them.

TS 0915 MagazinesReading: THE SAME PILE OF MAGAZINES as last month. Oh wait, beg pardon, I think I’ve actually added to them -.- Man, I really need to find some time to flip through these. Anyone else find it tricky to make time for magazines? Speaking of not having time for reading…

TS 0915 Op Shop BooksFeeling: excited for my latest op shop book bargains! 😀 I’ve been itching to get my hands on The Strays for a long time and there it was, just sitting on a high shelf, waiting to be picked up.

TS 0915 BooksNoticing: that I’m feeling better about not being able to read these books. I have found them so dry or difficult to work through that they’ve been sitting next to my bed for months on end. I figure if I feel I have to force myself to read it, it’s probably not worth it. I’m willing to give Everyday Sexism another go but I think I’ll need to be in the right mindset. Have you ever had a book you just couldn’t get through?

TS 0915 Bag of KaleMarvelling: at this big-ass bag of home grown kale! All taken from Mathew’s garden – he’s a pretty great gardener! Now, just to find some keen as mustard hipsters to use it…just kidding, Mathew’s part Dutch. He will find a way to use kale.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was asking this about August but how has the month of September treated you? Are you excited, apprehensive, or just plain “meh” about October? I’m a little apprehensive, myself. It’s going to be a jam-packed month me thinks, which means it’s probably going to zoom past at great speed, laughing at September as it passes by even faster on super speedy roller skates. Bastard.


These Taking Stock posts are based on an idea by the wonderful Pip Lincolne over at the Meet Me At Mike’s blog. Head here to check out her Taking Stock posts and to find a blank copy of the full list.

Jacquie is a 20-something maker and writer from Melbourne. She enjoys eating virtually anything that is labelled salted caramel and, contrary to popular belief, has forgotten how to ride a bike. She feels ambivalent about writing in the third person but thought it might be fun. It was.


  1. Carolyn

    Oh I SOBBED in The Boy in Striped Pyjamas! My daughter read the end first to prepare herself and still sobbed through it! I still have that Frankie sitting under my coffee table – I’ve flipped through it several times but haven’t actually settled down to READ it. I read Life after Life last year. I did get through it but it was a bit of a labour. Just found it got a hit tiresome. Probably should have pulled the pin but I don’t like to feel a book has conquered me!


    1. birdandfox

      Oh no! Thanks for the heads up, Carolyn. I’ll have the tissues ready!

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I adore frankie and Peppermint very much but find they fall to the wayside when I’m stressed out and busy, even though that’s probably the best time for me to be taking some time out and relaxing.

      Haha I feel the same – I have a weird need to persevere with a book, though I think these ones have been sitting there ignored for far too long.

      Thanks for your comment, Carolyn 🙂


  2. Isabel

    You will love The Strays. I found it so atmospheric and entertaining. Yeah, September totally whizzed by at breakneck speed. What’s with that? Pumped for October though! And how delicious does that fresh green kale look x


    1. birdandfox

      Yay! Looking forward to it 😀 So glad it’s not just me who thinks the year is disappearing and also glad to hear that you are excited for October!

      I know, right? Nothing beats freshly harvested veggies from your own (/boyfriend’s) garden. Delish!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 x


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