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Jacquie is a 20-something maker and writer from Melbourne. She enjoys eating virtually anything that is labelled salted caramel and, contrary to popular belief, has forgotten how to ride a bike. She feels ambivalent about writing in the third person but thought it might be fun. It was.


  1. Carolyn

    I, too, am a convert to the indoor plant. I have one in my hallway which has, miraculously, survived many years and this has given me the confidence to create a little indoor garden on a side table in my family room. Last week, I bought a peperomia with lovely rippled green leaves from the Greenery and I will go back for another but I just had to get a feel for the size I need. My eye was drawn to the lovely, colourful glazed pots but then I went to pick them up and found they were only plastic! Disappointment! I expected more from The Greenery! No matter…I found a nice black hammered metal one instead!


    1. birdandfox

      How lovely, Carolyn! My sister has a peperomia and loves it; it’s very pretty. Bit of a shame about the pots – I do dislike it when that happens. Though a black hammered one sounds excellent! Happy potting!


  2. Catherine Elizabeth

    She is so pretty! I also love that you just have a macrame plant hanger sitting around #lifegoals.

    I too used to think that indoor plants were no good! I think I thought they were really tacky. They conjured up images of gross 70s interiors with brown and orange colour schemes (of which I am not a fan). Who knows why. But I am now thoroughly on the indoor plant bandwagon! I mainly have succulents (after my maiden hair fern died a terrible death), but I’m keen to get some less succulent-y plants. At the moment I have a pink, white and red ‘freckle face’ (I think that’s what it’s called?), that is making a comeback after a near death experience. Sheesh, plants can be stressful, right?!


    1. birdandfox

      I’m so glad I found the macrame hanger – can’t believe it wasn’t being used!
      Haha yes, one does have to select trends from the past (and present, for that matter!) carefully, hey? I’m cool with the macrame and indoor plants, but that mission brown…man. Virtually my whole house is mission brown! And we have orange taps! And lime green couches! Crazy times, those 70s.
      Anyway, I’m glad you’re also on the indoor plant bandwagon! Oooh your freckle face plant sounds so cute. I did have to google it – I’m not yet an expert on indoor plants by any stretch of the imagination – and me likey. Very pretty. I have to say, after I published this post, Mary did take a turn for the worse. I looked up her symptoms and it seems I’ve been overwatering her :/ I think housesitting came at a most opportune time! Hopefully she will dry out a little – but not too much! – while I’m away and then I can come home to a back to normal, healthy maiden hair 😀 That’s the plan anyway. Phewph. So stressful.
      Thanks Catherine!


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