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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

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A lot of people were keen for me to read this book so I felt I had some pretty lofty expectations to start with, but I also got the feeling that I knew I would like it – you know the one? You start reading the blurb and you just know it’s right up your alley. Well, that’s exactly what happened in this case. “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell (can we take a moment to appreciate that name please?) is such a lovely novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – when I finished I felt all warm and fuzzy!

The story follows the lives of two best friends who work for the same newspaper, spliced with the perspective and musings of the IT guy who has been asked to check everyone’s email content. Cute IT guy starts to regularly (slightly creepily) follow the email exchanges between the two women and, lo and behold, starts to fall for one of them. An interesting concept, one that even seems a little quaint and amusing given it is set in 1999 when the Y2K bug panic was prevalent. What follows is a unique and endearing love story.

It’s important to stress that I found nothing about the story line to feel old or recycled – something that can be hard to find nowadays! The plot was refreshing and the characters felt real and genuine. What I loved the most was the banter back and forth between the two friends.

“Beth to Jennifer: I don’t know if I even believe in that anymore. The right guy. The perfect guy. The one. I’ve lost faith in “the”.

Jennifer to Beth: How do you feel about “a” and “an”?

Beth to Jennifer: Indifferent.

Jennifer to Beth: So you’re considering a life without articles?

Beth to Jennifer: And true love.”


On a colleague wearing a distinctly low-cut top at work:

“Beth to Jennifer: I don’t know what she’s trying to say with all that cleavage.

Jennifer to Beth: I think she’s saying “Look at my chest.”

Beth to Jennifer: Yes, but why?

Jennifer to Beth: Because when people are looking at her chest, they’re not reading her boring leads?

Beth to Jennifer: Heh.

Jennifer to Beth: What’s “heh”?

Beth to Jennifer: It’s like “ha” but meaner.”

The book covers the usual romantic relationship topics like fights, break ups, infidelity, pregnancy with a few unexpected ones thrown in as well (don’t want to include any spoilers!). Overall, I really enjoyed reading “Attachments” – it was a little slow to start but well worth it in the end! I would love, love, LOVE to see this turned into a movie one day – let’s make that happen, can we make that happen, people?

Read it if you’re looking for a love story that’s not going to bore you to tears. Read it if you think you’ll appreciate some good quality witticisms (a bit of a rarity, I think!).

Have you read any of Rainbow Rowell’s books? It’s safe to say I’m definitely a fan of the genre and Rainbow Rowell’s writing style so I’m very much looking forward to reading Eleanor & Park next – it’s actually on my list of the first ten books I’m reading for my Goodreads challenge! I’ve also got Fangirl and Landline is on my (very long) “To Buy” list. Do you have a recommendation for another romance fiction novel that doesn’t feel boring or recycled?

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  1. Laura

    Oh man. Can't wait to read this. Saving it for my flight to or from Europe, since it is one book that I actually own! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


  2. birdandfox

    Yes! This would be an excellent book for reading on the plane, I think. Not too heavy-going, pretty easy to get through. I'm quite behind on my reading challenge already actually so I might pick up Eleanor & Park next to get a quick read done! Thanks for the comment, lovely.


  3. Lila Wolff

    It definitely sounds intriguing, your review has definitely put it on my list to try!


  4. birdandfox

    Ooh that's great to hear, Lila! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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