buy modafinil from canada Hello,

buy real viagra online usa I am a happy little crafter living in a leafy suburb of Melbourne. I love cats, cacti, and craft. I’m also very partial to tea, blankets, and books (preferably all at once). I do not like peas, moronic drivers, or disappointing book-to-film/TV adaptations. One day I’d like to live in a quiet little house, with a camellia bush and crepe myrtle tree, along with some chooks, a couple of dogs, and some bees. And maybe a donkey too, if Mathew abides…

I like to use my blog to document, share, and, sometimes, have a good old whinge. To me, writing for my blog offers a neat intersection of journaling and being creative – two things I stopped doing for a while. You can expect to see posts about sewing, op shopping, Millie the cat, books, and everything else in between.

There’s very little I love more than a chat, so if you have any questions or comments at all, you can shoot me an email at jacquelinevmills@gmail.com or stalk me through Instagram and Facebook (at a respectable distance though, please, geez).

Thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the internet. Feel free to grab a cuppa and settle in.


This blog is brought to you by the letter P for Pip. I doubt I would have started blogging if it weren’t for her blogging e-courses, encouragement, and all-round niceness (not sponsored in anyway – just giving credit where it’s due).

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